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The Month in Review (June): Don’t Fear the Reaper

July 1, 2015

Here we are — entering, quite possibly, the last month you’ll see this Cincinnati Reds team as we know it. Depending on how things go in the next few weeks, we’ll either see some of the Reds’ biggest players traded away, or the team will hover just below .500 long enough for the front office to foolishly believe that they should hold onto everyone for the pennant run that nobody but the front office believes can happen.

Both scenarios end on August 1 with us repeatedly banging our heads against the wall.

Do the Reds NEED to trade Cueto, Leake, and Chapman? The short answer is yes. The problem is, the pieces the Reds will get in exchange for those players are unlikely to make a damn bit of difference in the long run. I don’t care about the financial state of the Reds — I care about winning. Unfortunately for the Reds, those two things are mutually exclusive.


Approximately 12 years after it was announced that Devin Mesoraco would need surgery to fix his hip, Devin Mesoraco finally (FINALLY!) had surgery on his hip. We’ll see him next year.

But how about Pena and Barnhart — not a bad backup catching platoon, huh? Sadly, they both lack the pop that Mesoraco provided the Reds.


Joey Votto’s back. Not that he ever really left, but now there’s not really any question how healthy he is. And he’s having fun with Brandon Philips, too.


Just when you think Brandon Phillips is going to continue his offensive slide, his bat comes back to life. And he’s having fun with Joey Votto, too.


Last week, Todd Frazier was in third place in All-Star Game voting behind Kris Almighty Bryant and Matt Carpenter. Frazier was over 1.2 million votes behind Carpenter, to be exact. At last count, he was in second place and only about 50,000 votes behind Carpenter. Behold the power of creating multiple email addresses!


It just figures, doesn’t it? Zack Cozart was having a career year and then — BAM — out for the season. Eugenio Suarez has been a nice offensive replacement, but his defensive skills remind everyone how much we miss Cozart’s glove.


Marlon Byrd is back, and actually playing really well. Good enough to probably get him traded to a contender before the deadline. Good for him. Bruce continues his inexplicable recovery from his inexplicably slow start, and Billy Hamilton continues to steal a ridiculous amount of bases despite being almost completely incapable of actually getting on base. What we’re left with is an outfield that’s turned out to be halfway decent — a far cry from the outfield earlier this season.


The Who-the-Hell-is-Pitching-Tonight rotation continues. Cueto has looked mortal, surely dropping his trade value in the process. Fortunately, the Reds are locked and loaded for a long run of future success so the players the Reds get in return for Cueto are almost irrelevant. DeSclafani, Lorenzen, and Leake have looked good and bad — sometimes in the same game — so it’s hard to get an idea of what the “future” rotation will be like.

Enjoy Cueto and Leake while you can, because they’re as good as gone by the end of this month. Unless, you know, the Reds are still “contending.”


I don’t recall throwing my phone in anger after seeing that a reliever gave up a lead, so the bullpen has been fine, I guess.


Reds fans love Aroldis Chapman — myself included — but a flame-throwing closer on a sub-.500 team is about as useful as having the fastest guy in baseball who can’t get on base. Chapman’s not a lock to be traded during this season, but you might as well do it while his stock is still high.


June record: 13-15

GO REDS! (?)

© Chris Sabo’s Goggles 2015. This Month in Review is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Skyline Chili (or the inferior Gold Star Chili). What do I look like, some kind of sell-out?

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